#698 Pearl Jam – Ten

Pearl Jam is the worst. I would rather listen to Nickleback live than listen to Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten. I cannot stand Eddie Vedder’s voice. Is he even singing? I think he is so full of himself. I remember watching an award show and he went up to accept it. He had the audacity to say it was worthless. Yet, he was accepting it. He was supposed to play at the Nirvana concert that The Breeders invited me to, but he cancelled. I was happy for that little favour. I should write Vedder a thank you letter. He saved my ears from unnecessary bleeding.

Wow! This album sucked more than I even expected it to suck. Vedder’s vocals gave me a migraine and not the good kind that I get from eating ice cream too fast. I wonder what kind of people like this band? Do they have a feeling of hatred toward themselves? Maybe they think this is their punishment for their sins, in hopes of skipping it in the afterlife. Really, who likes? I would rather listen to the rap albums I gave zeros too. I think I should revisit them and give them a one. Can I give this a negative score? 0/10.

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