#700 Sepultura – Arise

I have never heard the Brazilian band Sepultura. I am not a fan of thrash or death metal so I missed the release of their fourth album Arise. Actually, I missed the release of all their albums. I wonder if the name death metal comes from their concert in Brazil in 1991 where six people were hurt, 18 were arrested and one was murdered with an axe. Who brings an axe to a concert?

OMG! This was so awful. It was not Joan Baez or Pearl Jam awful, but it was awful. I hated the vocals. The music was okay, although a bit repetitive. I think almost anyone could sing this type of music, except maybe Cyndi Lauper and Madonna before she took vocal lessons for Evita. This music made me feel chaotic. I became irritated and angry. I will give them a little credit for the monotonous music. 1/10.

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