#703 The KLF – The White Room

I remember The KLF. I am a bit surprised they made the list, but there is probably a reason for it. I think I had their fourth album The White Room. I like British electronica so I have hopes for this album to be great. Sadly, the album is not available on Spotify. I listened to it on YouTube. The KLF broke up and “retired” from the music business after the release of this album.

The first song on the North American version was “Justified & Ancient (Stand by the JAMs)“. That is the reason to buy the album. It is a fun song for dancing and they were able to get American country singer Tammy Wynette to stand by her jams. I remember wondering where the Mu Mu Land was and could I be invited.

“The last train left an hour ago,
They were singing “All aboard”
All bound for Mu Mu Land,
Then someone starting screaming “Turn up the Strobe”
(bring the beat back)
(Hey hey)
All bound for Mu Mu Land (justified!)
(Hey hey)
All bound for Mu Mu Land (ancients of mu mu)”

Overall, I can hear why this album make it on the list. It is really great for British electronica. I think the whole album is worth listening to from beginning to end. Unfortunately there are a few different versions of it so you will have to choose which one to try. 9/10.

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