#705 Primal Scream – Screamadelica

I have never heard any of Scottish band Primal Scream‘s music. I am not sure why. I often wonder why I skipped some music. I could at least try it. I think the names of some of these bands make me think it is a genre I would hate. Screamadelica is their third album. It was critically acclaimed and named one of the best albums of the 90s. Lead singer Bobby Gillespie is often surrounded by controversy because he is outspoken. He called Madonna a “total prostitute” for performing in Israel in 2019 for Eurovision.

I did not like “Movin’ On Up” at first, but after a few times of listening to it, it grew on me a bit. The album is good especially the first five songs.

Does anyone need a ten minute song? “Come Together” is extremely repetitive. If it had been four minutes I would have enjoyed it. The other terrible song is “Loaded“. It is seven minutes not in heaven. The rest of the album never reaches the potential of the first half.

I got stuck on this album for a week. I even stopped listening to the list. I decided to take a break and watch some Asian series. I found this album hard to focus on and hard to take apart. I think I liked the music, but I continuously drifted away. I think if this group had another name, something spacey, then I would have listened to them sooner. They are actually good, but the name is terrible. 7/10.

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