#714 The Lemonheads – It’s a Shame About Ray

i remember some of my friends were fans of The Lemonheads, especially their fifth album It’s a Shame About Ray. I think i liked them okay, but not enough to buy the album. Alternative rock had become popular during this time period. It was one of my favourite genres, but it became too generic.

Trivia: Evan Dando saw the line, “It’s a shame about Ray” in a newspaper article about something that happened to a child named Ray.

Oddly, as i listened to the album i did not recognise any of it. It is a decent album, but it never took me away to another place. I like music that I can disappear into and I was not able to teleport even for a minute. I might listen to it again later. I checked their discography on Wikipedia and I realised that I had heard more from their follow-up album Come on Feel the Lemonheads. 6/10.


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