#717 k.d. lang – Ingénue

k.d. lang is an artist I have only heard one good song from on the radio. I knew she was a country artist so I avoided her like I avoid macaroni and cheese. Ingénue was her 1992 release which featured the one song I know and her more cabaret sound.

Actually, the album is not too bad. It is very mellow and it seems to teeter on the edge of country, but do not cross the line. I left the album still liking the same song “Constant Craving” the best. It is extremely relatable for me. I have a craving inside of me that cannot be satisfied. It is either me not letting it be satisfied or something in me keeps me from satisfying my desires. I feel unfulfilled. I imagine I will die one day feeling empty as the day I was born.

I also recommend “Season of Hollow Soul” and “Save Me“.

Overall, I think lang has a good voice and some nice music. I think I would enjoy it more if I were not in a hyper mood. I would listen to it again. 7.5/10.

2 thoughts on “#717 k.d. lang – Ingénue

  1. Like you, Ocean, I too avoided listening to kd lang because of her country affiliations. Just not my bag. I did like her cover of the Roy Orbison song, “Crying”.

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