#721 Spiritualized – Lazer Guided Melodies

I know I have heard of Spiritualized, but it was probably a later album. I missed their debut album Lazer Guided Melodies. It seems from the description that I would enjoy it. English space rock sounds trippy to me. I think it will be great.

The first song “You Know It’s True” reminded me of driving at night on an open highway and nobody is around, except the stars in the sky, the howling wind and a mountainous landscape in the background.

Other songs to consider: “Step Into the Breeze“, “Symphony Space“, “Shine a Light“, and “Angel Sigh“.

Overall, this is a great album to chill to. I wish I had heard it before. I think all the songs range from better than mediocre to great. I recommend listening to the whole album and deciding yourself.  9/10.

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