#722 Sugar – Copper Blue

Sugar is one of those bands I remember seeing their name everywhere, but I never listened to them. I knew that singer/guitarist Bob Mould was in Hüsker Dü, but I did not know that band either until I started this list of 1001 Albums. Copper Blue was their critically acclaimed debut album.

Another album that I missed and I wished I had not. I sat here at my desk wondering what happened in 1992 that made me miss so much great music. I remembered. It was around or near one of the first times I got clean from drugs. I tried to go to college, but I was severely depressed and hooked on drugs. I cannot remember the exact dates or year, but I remember that I was sort of clean by this time and I had a best friend named Eric. I was consumed with meetings and staying off drugs. It did not work. I fell hard. I eventually got up again, moved away, then got off drugs for good. I know beer is a drug, but I never had a problem with alcohol. I hate being drunk and I hate foxing.

I recommend this album if you like bands like Nirvana and R.E.M. The first three songs “The Act We Act“, “A Good Idea“, and “Changes” are a great place to start. I think all the songs are worth at least one try. 8.5/10.

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