#735 Paul Weller – Wild Wood

Paul Weller has been is a few bands that had some success. His first one was The Jam, which had two albums on this list. His second band The Style Council has one album listed in the 1001 Albums… Weller has been influential in music since the 70s. Wild Wood is his second solo effort and his only solo album on the list.

Honestly, I am not sure why this album is on the list and many other albums are missing. It has nothing to do with this album being good or bad. I actually think the album is good, but it reminds me of Eric Clapton. It does not really add anything new to any genre.

Surprisingly, I liked the album anyway. My favourite songs were “All the Pictures on the Wall“, “Country“, “5th Season” and “Shadow of the Sun“. I think I will return to this album in the future. It was really pleasant, although still not really worthy of the list of 1001 Albums... 7.5/10.

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