#741 Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy

Grant Lee Buffalo is another name I have heard of, but I did not know he was a musician. His debut album Fuzzy was released in 1993. Michael Stipe declared it the best album of the year.

I made an error. Grant Lee Phillips is the singer/guitarist of the band Grant Lee Buffalo. Paul Kimball and Joey Peters complete the trio.

My favourite songs were “Dixie Drug Store“,”Jupiter and Teardrop“, “America Snoring” and the lyrically simplistic song “You Just Have to Be Crazy“.

The album is easy to listen to, especially if you like Americana music. I like the genre until it crosses the line into country music, then it sounds like cats in heat. Fortunately, Fuzzy does not cross the line. The album leans toward soft rock, but more complex and confident in its bombastic instrumentation. Phillips sensual vocals are perfect. It is obvious that the three members of this band have played together years before their debut. 8/10.

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