#750 Björk – Debut

Björk! One name artist are sometimes my favourite. She was definitely in the top with Sting, Madonna, Cher, Prince, Bono, Sade and a few others. I was a fan of hers since The Sugarcubes days so the transition to solo artist was easy. Her first album was appropriately titled Debut.

This is one of the easiest reviews because the whole album is perfectly Björk. My favourite songs are “Human Behaviour“, “Big Time Sensuality“, “Violently Happy”, “Venus as a Boy”, and everything else.

Björk and producer Nellee Hooper have created an unique album mixed with art pop (not fake Gaga kind), electropop, trip hop, alternative dance and everything else. Björk is a master at creating lyrics just as odd as her music, but insightful too. She is a whole mood. 10/10.

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