#755 William Orbit – Strange Cargo III

I have only heard of William Orbit from all the music he produced with artists like Madonna, Prince, Blur, U2, and many others. I did not know he has quite a few solo albums. He released his fourth album Strange Cargo III in 1993. I am curious to hear his music, especially since I like ambient music.

I think the best song is “Water from a Vine Leaf” with vocals from Beth Orton. I would not worry if you have never heard of her. I have heard of her, but I could not name one hit of hers. She never really had one.

I think this album could have been so much better. I was greatly disappointed. There are far better ambient albums around this time, which should have been on this list. Patrick O’Hearn from Missing Person had some great albums that I used to listen to a lot. I guess my expectations were too high. Or perhaps the reason I did not hear Orbit’s solo work is because it was not as good as his collaborative work. Mediocre at best. 5/10.

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