#757 Frank Black – Teenager of the Year

Charles Thompson IV has been known by a few different monikers, such as Black Francis while in the Pixies, then Frank Black when he started his solo career and back to Black Francis in 2007. He has stated that his solo career is over. His second album Teenager of the Year was released in 1994 to harsh criticism. It has since been embraced by critics and fans. As for me, I have heard of him, but I do not think I have ever listened to his music, except for the Pixies.

As I listen to this album I kept thinking of Black is a Bob Dylan sound alike. He is not as good, but he is not terrible either.

I think I like “Calistan“, although it sounded like Dylan’s son Jakob Dylan. I think twenty-two songs is too many, although they are not long songs. Also, i kind of like “Olé Mulholland“. If you like Dylan and soft alt rock, then this might be for you. I believe that if I had heard it in the 90s, then I might have liked it better. 5/10.


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