#764 Beastie Boys – Ill Communication

Beastie Boys third and final album on the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die is their fourth studio album Ill Communication. I was surprised that Check Your Head was excluded from the list.

I forgot how much I liked this album filled with hip-hop, funk and fun.

The hit song from the album was Sabotage. It had a great video parodying 70s cop drama series. Check it out!

“Our backs are now against the wall”

The only minus to the album is the language, but it did not bother me because it was not overused. My favourite songs were “Sabotage“, “B-Boys Makin’ with the Freak Freak”, “Get It Together”, “Alright Hear This”, “The Scoop”, and “Bodhisattva Vow”.

I forgot a lot of the songs on this album. It has been years since I have listened to it. It was great to relive it. I know I was in a transition period during 1994. It was a hard time for me. I went through some big changes so I think I forgot a lot of the music from that year. I definitely forgot some of the details of my life.

I highly recommend this album, but I also recommend listening to Check Your Head first. This album deserves its place on the list. I wish I could have seen them again before MCA died of cancer and they disbanded. 10/10.

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