#765 Elvis Costello – Brutal Youth

Elvis Costello has six albums on the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear... In my opinion, that is way too many. I liked the first 3, but they have progressively gone downhill after 1979s Armed Forces. It seems he peaked. His final album on the list is 1994s Brutal Youth.

My favourite songs are “This Is Hell“, “Clown Strike“, “You Tripped at Every Step”, and “All the Rage”. I think even if you do not like Costello, you still must admit his song titles are great.

I think the problem I have with Costello is his voice can be a bit too whiny. I cannot listen to him for hours. He sounds like he has never blown his nose and he has years of snot in it. Overall, I think this is a great album minus the snot. 8/10.

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