#767 TLC – CrazySexyCool

If any entry into the 1001 Albums… surprised me the most it would be TLC and their second album CrazySexyCool. I actually liked a lot of the songs in 1994 when I first heard it, but I have not listened to since the 90s. I wonder if I will like them now. 

Okay, I remember that I liked this album for a reason. I cannot believe I forgot about “Creep” and “Waterfalls“, but the former is my favourite of the two songs.

Other songs that I like after listening to the whole album are “Diggin’ on You”, “Red Light Special” and their sexy cover of Prince’s  “If I Was Your Girlfriend“. I think the worst part of the album is the interludes. They kind of suck and do nothing to enhance the real songs. I found them more distracting.

This album shows the girls have grown up since their debut. Overall, it is a smooth R&B/Hip-hop soul album. I actually liked all the songs on it. I was a fan of R&B, but perhaps in the 90s my musical taste changed and I listened to more alternative bands. I do not remember soul being as big in the 90s, at least for me. I did not even own this album, which seems like a mistake now. 8/10.

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