#768 Oasis – Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe was the debut album of English rock band Oasis. I remember this album and the band. I listened to them until their second album, then I sort of forgot them. I think I was in the Blur camp. Americans were enjoying the grunge sound when Oasis and Blur bursted on the scene with Britpop. “The Battle of Britpop” was between the two bands.

I do not remember the music as much as I thought I would. I think I listened to it very little in 1994. I had a friend named Jason around this time and I believe he liked them more than I did. Remember i was more of a Blur fan.

I think my favourite song was “Live Forever“. I also like “Up in the Sky” and “Slide Away”.

Overall, I liked the album, but not enough to feel like I have missed something all these years. I am not sure if I would recognise the vocals if I did not know it was Oasis. Maybe after I listen to their next album in the list I will be able to identify them by vocals. I reserve the right to change this score later. 6.9/10.

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