#770 Offspring – Smash

Of course I have heard of Offspring and their third album Smash, but I never actually heard the music. I had no idea that they were a punk band.

The songs I liked the most were “Genocide” “Something to Believe In“, “Not the One“, and “What Happened to You?”

One of the reviews from the album when it was released stated “it had enough riffs to keep most teenagers happy”. That is exactly the problem now. I am not a teenager, yet I still liked some of it. I think I would rather listen to a couple songs from Offspring, then move on.

The songs are short so that is a good thing. I was able to get through the whole album twice. I felt it deserved a second listening. I like it more than I thought I would at the beginning. I think the songs in the middle were vast improvements over the first few songs. One song “Bad Habit” made me think my Spotify switched over to Aerosmith. I did not like it at all. This is actually a pretty good album overall. 7.7/10.

4 thoughts on “#770 Offspring – Smash

  1. I love this album. It was my introduction to punk rock. I remember when a kid put it on the speakers in the band room one day in middle school when the teacher left the room for a few minutes. The best song: It’ll Be a Long Time. I listened to it today!

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