#773 G. Love & Special Sauce – G. Love & Special Sauce

I have heard of G. Love & Special Sauce, but i have never heard their music. I think it is the case of me judging the book on the title. I did not like the name of this band. It sounded stupid. They never achieved much success beyond their debut album G. Love and Special Sauce.

After listening to it the album, I have come to the conclusion that I have not missed anything. I admire the music for being innovative at its time. It is a blend of blues and hip-hop. Lead vocalist G. Love has a nice voice for blues, but I am not a fan of the rap parts. I will admit that this is better than Vanilla Ice rap, which was the whitest rap at the time.

Maybe under different circumstances I might like the album more. I felt the pressure to listen to it today, since I want to finish this list. Maybe being home now will give me time to finish it. I give it props for not being so white. 5/10.

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