#778 Suede – Dog Man Star

Dog Man Star is one of my favourite albums of 1994. Suede or as the are known in USA The London Suede released an album which would be called pretentious at the time by many critics. I am not sure what they were listening to because I will ruin the review now by saying, “I love this.” Unfortunately, the album is not on Spotify. I am so surprised. I found it in pieces that someone else uploaded. It is on YouTube.

Although I liked the whole album, my favourite song from Suede was “The Wild Ones“, which was written by Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson. Butler left the band after this album. I wonder how many more beautiful songs they could have written together if they could have gotten on together.

“And there’s a lifeline slipping as the record plays
And as I open the blinds in my mind I’m believing that you could stay
And oh if you stay I’ll chase the rain blown fields away
We’ll shine like the morning and sin in the sun
Oh if you stay
We’ll be the wild ones, running with the dogs today”

People do not stay. They are all leavers. I am a leaver too because it protects me from getting hurt more. I want to leave now. I tried to make it work, but I feel lost more than ever. I feel alone.

Other songs I like are “Heroine“, “We Are the Pigs”, “The 2 of Us“, “The Asphalt World”,”The Power”, “New Generation”, “Still Life” and the bonus cut “My Dark Star”.

If you want a little 90s art rock and glam rock, then look no further than Suede’s greatest album Dog Man Star. 10/10.

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