#785 Green Day – dookie

Green Day‘s dookie came out in 1994; it was their first major label album. Fans were angry. They had become sellouts. “Punks do not join major record labels.” They became one of the the most successful bands in the USA. I liked them from the first time I heard them, but I did not realise it until years later.

My favourite songs are “When I Come Around“, “Chump”, “Coming Clean“, and one of the longest songs “Longview“, which is about masterbation and getting high. It seems like a typical guy song. I actually liked all of the songs, except for the last one “All by Myself”.

Overall, it is a really good major label album. I think Green Day got the last laugh. They sing about what they want and make money. Money is good if you do not love it. I like buying things with money. The songs are really short and fast, exactly what you expect from a punk band. 8.9/10.

7 thoughts on “#785 Green Day – dookie

      1. I actually disliked the later ones. The only good song in their later albums, IMO, is Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

      2. You just have worse taste in music than I do. I’ve never considered that a condition for friendship.

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