#794 Tupac Shakur – Me Against the World

Me Against the World is the third album from gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur. I honestly have zero interest in listening to him. But I will suffer through it.

Trivia: He was imprisoned when the album was released. In my opinion, they should not be allowed to make money this way while in prison. Why does our society glorify these gangsters?

I cannot believe that I am about to say this, but I actually kind of liked the album. It is catchy for rap. I especially liked the music. The vocals are not bad either. I do not like all the vulgar language. I have never liked that kind of language. I grew up around it and I thought to myself that only idiots speak that way.

Songs that I liked the most: “So Many Tears”, “Dear Mama”, and “Me Against the World” (featuring Dramacydal).

I think this is the easiest gangsta album to listen to, which is on the list of 1001 Albums… I saved a few songs on my Spotify account. Maybe I am in a gangsta mood today. COVID-19 be making people do all kinds of things. 7/10.

2 thoughts on “#794 Tupac Shakur – Me Against the World

    1. I am not either, but I was able to separate my feelings for the genre and the artist to discern how the music inspired others and changed the genre. It is unlikely that I would ever listen to another album of his.

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