#797 Radiohead – The Bends

Radiohead is one of those groups that I know, but I don’t know. Oddly, I liked them better on their second album The Bends more than their debut album Pablo Honey. I wonder why I have not spent much time with them.

I remember “High and Dry“. I used to love this song. I did not like Radiohead until I heard this one. It reminds me of someone, but I cannot remember who at the moment. I feel the sadness in the vocals and the music. It still takes me somewhere else.

Kill yourself for recognition
Kill yourself to never ever stop
You broke another mirror
You’re turning into something you are not

Other songs that I really liked were “Planet Telex”, “Fake Plastic Trees“, “Bones”, “(Nice Dream)”, “Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was“, and “Black Star”.

I agree a little bit with some critics that this album leans more toward Britpop, but it exceeds what most think of the genre. It is more alternative and more passionate than many Britpop artist. I love when singer Thom Yorke sings in his falsetto voice. It is so beautiful that my eyes sometimes well up. No, I am not crying. This is an excellent album. 10/10.

5 thoughts on “#797 Radiohead – The Bends

  1. As someone whose favorite band is Radiohead, I can assure you that Pablo Honey is BY FAR their worst album. It only gets better from there. Their best are OK Computer and In Rainbows

      1. If you hear the songs Weird Fishes, Nude, All I Need, and Reckoner you’ll know what I’m saying. Masterpieces

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