#798 Guided By Voices – Alien Lanes

I have heard of the band Guided By Voices, but I have never heard of any of their music and I have never heard of their eight album Alien Lanes. It was released 1995 April 4, which was my mother’s birthday. My birthday is April 3. I was her unwanted birthday gift. I am not sure about this band. I am nervous because they must suck. They have released 30 full-length albums since 1987 and they did not release any music from 2005 to 2012 because they disbanded. You can do the maths.

I had a hard time connecting to this album. All the songs are super short so that as soon as I started to make a little move toward it, it would end. I think songs under a minute or two are too short to make a lasting impression.

Overall, I am a fan of lo-fi genre, but the shortness of the songs did not give me time to connect to the band. I feel that all I know is that they like to abruptly end after a minute. I will not call this a dud or even mediocre, but I did not feel that I was taken on a journey. 6/10.

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