#803 Leftfield – Leftism

Leftfield‘s Leftism was their 1995 debut album. It was the only album from them that I bought.

I love the beat on the first song “Release the Pressure“, which features reggae singer Earl Sixteen. I am not fond of his vocals, but the music is fire. I actually hated the vocals on the second song too, but I liked the music. Both songs remind me why I was never excited about a second album.

Of the songs featuring vocalists on the album, “Original” with Curve‘s Toni Halliday is one of the best. It feels a bit repetitive, but her voice is pleasant enough to overlook it. I do love the music on “Open Up” featuring John Lydon formerly of the Sex Pistols. I think it is my favourite of the songs with vocals.

My other favourites were “Song of Life”, “Melt“, “Space Shanty”, and “Storm 3000”.

Overall, I prefer Leftfield house music when there are no vocals. I believe some of their vocalist were terrible choices. I really liked most of the album. I think it has aged okay. 7.5/10.

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