#815 Belle & Sebastian – Tigermilk

I think I was surprised to see that Belle & Sebastian made the list with not one, but two albums. Unfortunately, neither of the albums are the ones I think I owned. Their debut album Tigermilk was their first release in 1996.

I am going to skip all the small talk about which songs are best. If you like chamber pop and indie pop, then you should love this album. It is incredibly great. I listened to it a few times. Every song will give you sadness, memories, longing, and happiness in a short three to five minutes.

I lied. I really like the whole album, but check out “Electronic Renaissance” and “I Don’t Love Anyone“.

“I don’t love anything
Not even Christmas
Especially not that
I don’t love anything”.

I think you should all give it a listen. 10/10.

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