#817 Eels – Beautiful Freak

I am definitely a fan of the Eels. The only consistent member of the Eels is Mark Oliver Everett also known as E. I think I relate to his music because of the lyrics which touches on every subject from death, loneliness, childhood innocence, depression, and unrequited love. I live in all those every day of my life. Also, I like his gruff voice. Beautiful Freak is their debut album.

Manchild“, the last song on the album is a one of my favourites because of the lyrics. I feel like it speaks of how I feel in friendships. I am always there, but I am always alone.

And every time you crave for me,
I’m here.
And anything you hunger for,
I’ll share.
And I will be quietly standing by,
While slowly I am dying inside.
Hold me in your arms,
And let me be the one who can feel,
Like I am a child in love.
Every time I talk to you,
You’re down.
And every time you need a laugh,
I’m around.
And when you forget I’m here,
I’m not.

Overall, I like every song on the album. I feel all of them deep inside of my soul. The music is excellent, but it is the lyrics and E’s soulful vocals that drive this masterpiece. 10/10.

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