#824 Maxwell – Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite

I have heard of the multi-talented artist Gerald Maxwell Rivera, known as Maxwell. I was not listening to neo-soul in 1996 so I missed his debut album Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. It came out during my soul searching year. I was also taking classes and doing so theatre work so I was too busy.

Trivia: Stuart Matthewman from Sade produced and wrote some of the songs. The album is sited for helping to shape the “neo soul” movement.

At first, I was not impression with the first song. I am not a fan of soul instrumentals. Frequently they sound too similar. At the album progressed I felt the soul, the smooth vocals, and the Prince like sexiness.

I like “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)” and “Dancewitme”.

Overall, it is not a terrible album, but I would never purchase it. I put at least two songs on my Spotify list, but I am not upset that I missed this album over 20 years ago.  If anything, it makes me want to listen to the superior Sade. 5/10.


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