#826 Everything But The Girl – Walking Wounded

This is Everything But The Girl second and final appearance on the list. I used to like the duo, but I was not a fan of their album Idlewild. I know this album Walking Wounded was better because they changed their music style after their previous album to electronica, trip hop and dream pop.

I knew one song on the album before I listened to it. “Wrong” was their popular tune in 1996.

My other favourites are “The Heart Remains a Child“, “Mirrorball“, and.. Actually it would be easier to tell you my least favourite song on the album. “Big Deal” is my least favourite, yet it was not bad at all. I really like “Good Cop Bad Cop”, but there was an instrument that I wish had been left out of it. It has a weird irritating sound, which sounds like a duck being cooked alive. Yet, I would still listen to it again.

Overall, this is an almost perfect album. I love Tracey Thorn beautiful vocals and Ben Watt’s musical talents. I highly recommend it if you like to be in a dream world. 9.5/10.

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