#831 The Cardigans – First Band On The Moon

I am not enjoying the 1996 that much. Another band that I do not know is The Cardigans. Their third album First Band On The Moon was the breakthrough into mainstream. It was the Swedish bands best-selling album in the USA.

I thought I would like this album more than I did. I could not feel it. I feel detached from a lot of things now. It is hard to feel attached when you think everyone will die and you believe you are not cared about.

I liked “Losers”, “Step on Me” and the lullaby sounding “Great Divide”. I have heard this group before. They had a hit song “Lovefool” that I never thought much about. That is why I never listened to the album.

If you liked their one hit song, then give the album a try. You might find a few more treasures. It is not that bad. This album barely lifts off the Earth. 5.5/10.

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