#833 Fugees – The Score

I remember the name of 90s hip hop artists Fugees. I also remember they had a hit song, but I do not remember which one. The Score is their second album and final album. The successful trio broke up. The members of the group were Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, and Pras Michel. Jean and Hill both enjoyed solo success. The trio returned together for a reunion, but it was short-lived. Hill need psychological help according to Jean and Michel.

I am not a huge fan of hip hip so you can imagine this is not going to be my favourite album. I found the hit song “Killing Me Softly“. It is a good version, but Roberta Flack owned it. Flack gave the song soul.

Overall, I do not feel as though I missed anything in life by not hearing this album in 1996. All the songs that sound decent are mixed with older songs. I would skip it. 4/10.

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