#837 Blur – Blur

Finally, a band that I am more familiar with and I know I like. We have entered 1997. The year of Blur‘s eponymous fifth album. This was turn to the band that I would come to like a lot. Blur reminds me of my best friend Tamás Pál. He was a big fan of the songs on this album. It reminds of a better life. It reminds me that I will never be happy again. It reminds me I will remain friendless.

My favourite songs are “Beetlebum“, “Song 2“, “On Your Own“, “Theme from Retro” (instrumental), “Death of a Party”, “Strange News from Another Star” and actually most of the songs on the album.

Overall, it was a great step towards the Blur that I will come to like a lot. I like that they left behind the Britpop sound behind for alternative rock.  Damon Albarn vocals and lyrics are heartfelt and personal. I really liked this album, but I prefer the two that will follow it. 9/10.

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