#839 Finley Quaye – Maverick A Strike

Finley Quaye is an unknown to me. I think his main success was in England. HIs debut album Maverick A Strike was released in 1997. His biography on Wikipedia is not very detailed. He seems to get into a lot of trouble.

Firstly, I am not a big fan of reggae music. Secondly, Quaye vocals lacks emotion. I thought all the sounds sounded the same. It sounds okay, but only if you think of it as one song.

I would not object to hearing the album again. It was okay, but none of the songs jumped at me as being great enough to make the list of 1001 Albums… Perhaps, I am tainted toward him because of his attitude as a person. It can be hard to listen to someone who is a known jerk. So, Jerks beware! 5/10.

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