#845 Sleater-Kinney – Dig Me Out

Sleater-Kinney is another band I have never heard of.  I was really out of touch with music in the mid to late 90s. Their third album Dig Me Out was considered their breakthrough.

Trivia: Original band member Carrie Brownstein is also a writer and actress. She and Fred Armisen wrote and starred in the satirical comedy series Portlandia.

I kind of liked “Dance Song ’97”.

Overall, if you like women bands which sing against gender roles, consumerism, and indie rock’s male-dominated world, then this is your band. It is classified as punk. Sometimes that seems to be a label to give less than average singers. I was not a fan of the vocals and most of the songs sounded like other women bands throughout rock history, especially the Go-Go’s. 5/10.

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