#852 Robbie Williams – Life Thru A Lens

If there was every anyone I did not expect to make the list it would be Robbie Williams. The fact that he is included tells you the list was made by an Englishman. There is no way an American would include him on their list. Williams released his debut solo album Life Thru a Lens after he left boyband Take That. I have never been a huge fan of Williams, but to be fair I have never listened to anything, but his hit songs. Unfortunately, this album is not on Spotify. Williams did not release an album in the USA until 1999, when The Ego Has Landed, a compilation of his first two albums, was combined for American audiences.

I liked some of the songs better than I used to. I think the best were “Lazy Days”, “One of God’s Better People”, “Old Before I Die”, “Let Me Entertain You”, and “Angels“. The latter is probably one of his most known songs. The album has more of a Britpop sound than his later music. I wish it would have been on Spotify, but I had trouble even watching the videos on YouTube because they were region protected. Weird. 7/10.

4 thoughts on “#852 Robbie Williams – Life Thru A Lens

  1. Yeah, it’s weird how he never caught on in the US. He was so popular in Europe. I think his song Angels was popular in the US.

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