#853 Mariah Carey – Butterfly

I was a fan of Mariah Carey from day one of hearing her eponymous 1990 debut album. Her voice was so effortlessly beautiful, but she was needed to improve on her songwriting skills. The album was mostly ballads with a few dance tunes. Carey continued to grow lyrically and musically on each album. I remained a fan. Until the release of her sixth album Butterfly. It was not that I was not a fan anymore, but I never heard the album. 1997 part of the year I went on a journey to find myself and I was searching for God. I sort of ignored music from 1996 until 1999. This will be my first time hearing the album. Carey came back into my life in 2005 and has stayed there until the last album, which I have not listened to yet. I will, but I needed time. It is sort of personal.

I like the direction Carey took this album in with the use of R&B and hip-hop light. It is more noticeable on “Honey“, “The Roof“,  and most of the album. She uses her more breathy seduction voice on this album. I like it, but I would rather her to have her strong vocals too. I like her whistle.

“Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)” has an interesting throwback to the 70s disco era, but it was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

I think the only disappointment is the Prince song “The Beautiful Ones” featuring Dru Hill. Why not get the master himself to do it, if you are going to make it almost exactly like Prince’s version. I wish she has Mariah-ed it a bit more.

Overall, it is probably in her top five albums for me. It was really good and has aged well. I might be a bit prejudice as a fan. I definitely highly recommend it to those who have been heartbroken. 9.5/10.

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