#855 Bob Dylan – Time Out Of Mind

And the biggest surprise was seeing that Bob Dylan is on the list in the 90s. He actually has two albums in the 90s. The other one will be here shortly. Time Out of Mind is Dylan’s 30th studio album. That is quite an amazing feat to produce an album that was a critical and commercial success after such a long career.

As soon as I heard “Standing in the Doorway” I felt this is going to be great. It gave me chills. “Not Dark Yet” was another favourite.

The biggest surprise for me was the song “Make You Feel My Love“. I had no idea that it was a Dylan song. It has been covered by almost everyone.

Dylan has done it again. He was a to revitalize his career with this album. I love the heart felt songs that best. The odd thing is that Dylan did not like the sound of the album from producer Daniel Lanois. I wonder what Dylan had in mind for this album. It was great. 9.4/10.

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