#857 Elliott Smith – Either/Or

I have heard of Elliott Smith, but I could not place any of his songs. I am sure that I have heard some of them, especially since some were featured in Good Will Hunting. It is strange to read about someone I am about to listen to and I find out they are dead. He was either murdered or self-inflicted his wounds. A mystery that is unsolved. His third album Either/Or was released in 1997.

I found it hard to decide how I felt about this album. Everything about it was melancholy, but I am not sure how I felt about Smith’s voice. His vocals are so soft and so thin. What do you sing when your vocals are light? Lo-fi and indie pop.

The best songs are probably “2:45 AM” and “Ballad of Big Nothing“.

Overall, I like the album. I had to listen to it several times. I think it is a matter of getting used to it. I knew I did not hate it at first, but I felt ambivalent. It is an album that has a mood that I have to be in to listen to it. 7/10.

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