#865 Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Fatboy Slim again? What do you expect from a British book. It really favours British artists. I do too, but this is overkill. You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby is the second studio album from Slim. Or should I call him Fatboy? I hope this album is better than his previous one.

The songs that I liked the most were “Right Here, Right Now“, “Kalifornia”, “Praise You”, and “Love Island”. There are other songs that are okay, but they become too repetitive for me.

I guess I had wished for too much. I would not say it is better, but it is not worse either. I think it is about the same. I think I even liked the same amount of songs. The album is mostly filled with high energy and tiresome lyrics. 6/10.

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