#866 David Gray – White Ladder

I have heard of David Gray, but I do not think I have ever heard his music. In the description it calls him a folk singer so that might be why I have not listened to him. He released his fourth album White Ladder in 1998. It is described as folktronica. I am curious how that will sound.

I am pleasantly surprised by this album. I would not say that Gray has great vocals, but he does put all the elements together to make a surprising journey for the listener.

My favourite songs are “Please Forgive Me“, “Babylon”, “Silver Lining”, “Sail Away”, “This Year’s Love” and I think i like “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” the best.

I am a little sad that I never listened to this album before now. It is really good, even his “bad” songs are not that bad. I like that he combines electronic with folk music. It makes it a bit depressing. 8/10.

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