#869 Madonna – Ray of Light

Madonna. I have already written about her in this list of 1001 Albums… She is one person that has pushed the envelope and people’s buttons throughout her career. She does not possess a filter. Before her seventh album was recorded she had her first child and embraced Kabbalah, studied Hinduism and Buddhism, and practiced Ashtanga Yoga daily. I guess she was seeking redemption, but forgot her Catholic upbringing during the search. On Ray of Light, Madonna incorporated many genres including ambient, trip hop, techno pop and Middle Eastern music. The biggest difference is her voice. She had taken singing lessons for her role in the film Evita. Her vocals were stronger than ever.

I was on my own spiritual journey at the time this album was released so I missed it. I had eventually heard the songs that were released as singles, such as “Ray of Light”, “Frozen”, “The Power of Good-Bye”, and “Nothing Really Matters”. I liked all those song, yet I never pursued the album with I came back up from underground. My mistake.

Overall, I really like the whole album, but I liked it better when I listened to it on my headphones. It is the greatest pop album I have heard from 1998 and possibly many other years. I love her voice with the electronic music. I always preferred her in the dance genre. This is Madonna at her best. Try to listen to it and forget the egomaniac that has to be heard. 10/10.

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