#880 Boards of Canada – Music Has the Right to Children

Finally, Boards of Canada has made the list. Unfortunately, I do not think I know their debut album Music Has the Right to Children. My knowledge of them came in the 2000s. I am grateful to Spotify. We can now stream all this music and have to take a change with buying the album. This should be a banger because it is electronica and ambient.

I cannot believe that I did not listen to this album until now. I listened to it in the car while I was driving to Boulder and it was relaxing. Although it was a great listen in the car, my speakers are not that great, I would recommend it on headphones. It is mind-blowing awesomeness. All the intricate sounds come to life. If I were going to sit down to write a book or a short story, then I would play this on my headphones as I wrote. This is a must have for fans of ambient electronic music. 10/10.

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