#881 Suba – São Paulo Confessions

São Paulo Confessions sounds more like a book of short stories or something from late night television on HBO than the name of an album. Suba was a Serbian-born musician who became a famous producer in Brazil. I had when I have a feeling that I will not like an album before I listen to it. I have never like Brazilian music. It has more to do with the actual vocals. I do not feel much when I hear Spanish vocals. I rather listen to German’s singing. I know that is a bit of a harsh criticism. His album was released in 1999 just days before he died trying to rescue newly recorded material from the studio.

From the first song “Tantos Desejos, I did not like the vocals, but I really liked the music. I would like to hear this album without the vocals. “Você Gosta” was a bit better, but the vocals took a backseat to the music.

This album was extremely strange. I liked the music a lot because it was bizarre. I wish I could remove the vocals in most of the songs. Luckily, the vocals are not that prominent. 6/10.

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