#885 The Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs

Finally, there is an album 69 Love Songs that I know. The Magnetic Fields formed in 1989, but they have yet to have a radio hit. I guess they have more of an underground following. This album moves away from their synth pop sound a bit. It is a concept album of 69 love songs. Magnetic Fields frontman Stephin Merritt wrote all the songs. The one saving thing for me is that I have heard it before and most of the songs are short.

I am not a fan of Merritt’s sometimes Johnny Cash vocals. I thought I liked it more when I heard it a long time ago. I guess it explains why I have not listened to it in years. I do prefer the male vocals over all the female ones. And I prefer the synth pop songs more than the country/folk crap.

Overall, I would not be angry if a friend put this on. It is not intrusive. If you are at a party it will become background noise. 6/10.

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