#889 Nitin Sawhney – Beyond Skin

Who is Nitin Sawhney? I had no idea when I saw his name on the list. His fourth album Beyond Skin, which focuses on nuclear weapons was released in 1999. There is hope that the album will be interesting since it is downtempo and drum & bass.

I found “Tides” to be pleasant since it was an instrumental.

Unfortunately, the album slowly chipped away at my optimism of me enjoy it. Firstly, I did not like the female vocals at all. She was as entertaining as a snail race. Secondly, it added some sort of chanting which was probably Hindu, but I could not be certain. Sawhney believes in Hindu philosophy.

Overall, I would skip this album unless you enjoy gibberish. The only redeeming part of it was the music was pleasant at times. 4/10.

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