#893 Les Rhythmes Digitales – Darkdancer

Les Rhythmes Digitales is actually one of the many names or pseudonyms of famed producer, DJ, and songwriter Stuart Price. Price is known for his work with Madonna, The Killers, Kylie Minogue, and many others. Darkdancer is Les Rythmes Digitales second and final album.

I found it odd that I have heard a lot of Price’s work with other artists and I liked it, but I had trouble getting into this album. I usually like synth-pop.

I did like “MDC Vendredi” and “Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)” on the first listening. I wondered if I listened to the music with my headphones would it be better so tried it. Yes, it was much better. “Dreamin'” and “Hypnotise” were much better in the headphones. I think the music was better than all the vocals.

The worst song was “Sometimes” featuring Nik Kershaw. He was a one-hit wonder from the 80s, actually to be fair it he was a one-hit wonder in the USA, but not the U.K.

Overall, the album was okay, but not as great as some of the albums Price has produced for other artist, especially Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor. 6/10.

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