#898 Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I See A Darkness

Bonnie “Prince” Billy is a man. He real name is Will Oldham, but he adopted his stage name for his sixth album I See A Darkness.

I listened to this album about four or five times. I still cannot figure out which songs I like. This is the kind of music that you out on and drift away into depression or thoughts of another life, especially in a song like “Death to Everyone”.

Every terrible thing
Is a relief
Even months on end
Buried in grief
Are easy light times
Which have to end
With the coming
Of your death friend

Other songs I think I liked were “A Minor Place”, “Knockturne”, and “Raining in Darling”. Oddly there is not an explicit warning on “Knockturne”. He does use one colourful word.

If you like indie folk, then you will love this album. 7.9/10.

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