#900 Basement Jaxx – Remedy

Basement Jaxx is number 900 on the list of 1001. I have no idea who they are. The released their debut album Remedy in 1999.

Oddly, the first song “Rendez-Vu” sounds exactly the opposite of what the duo was trying to create. They stated that house music was too robotic and without feeling. The vocals on the song are robotic. Yet, I kind of enjoyed the music.

I would listen to “Being with U“, “Don’t Give Up” and “Stop 4 Love” again.

I think one of my biggest complaints about house music is that it is usually created by DJs who cannot sing, therefore they hire different artists to sing the songs. I feel it does not give me a connection to the most of the vocals. I highly doubt anyone could hear a new song from one of the house artist and tell who it is by sound on first listen.

Overall, it is not a terrible album, but it was definitely overhyped. 6/10.

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