#902 Sigur Rós – Ágætis byrjun

Sigur Rós has the last album Ágætis byrjun of the 90s on the list. Ágætis byrjun is the Icelandic band’s second album. Most surprisingly to me is that the album is post-rock. If I had known this information before I would have tried it out.

I was extremely surprised by this album. It contains all the genres that I like, such as post-rock, dream pop, ambient, shoegazing, and art rock. I felt as if I stepped into a dream or a pychotic film. Whatever you do, do to try to make sense of the lyrics. They are not sung in English.

Overall, I liked every song. If I had to choose a least favourite it would be “Ágætis byrjun”. I love the music, but the vocals are a little to loud for me. I do not like hearing someone breathing in songs. I will be checking out more from this band. 10/10.

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