#905 Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker

Ryan Adams“. “Oh you mean Bryan Adams.” I hear this every time I say the name Ryan Adams. I say, “Nope. Ryan Adams.” “Never heard of him,” they say. That is your problem. I must admit that Adams does not seem like an artist I would like. His genre is often classified as alternative country. Unfortunately, his debut album Heartbreaker is not one I have heard yet. I know him from his second album Gold.

Trivia: Adams got the title Heartbreaker from a Mariah Carey poster.

Songs that I kind of liked were “Amy”, “In My Time of Need”, “Come Pick Me Up”, and “To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)”.

Honestly, I really like Adams, but I am not a fan of country. This album goes into that territory a bit too much for me. I could not connect to many of the songs. 6.5/10.

3 thoughts on “#905 Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker

  1. Tim C. is a fan. When he told me about it I thought he was talking about Bryan Adams. Maybe consider a stage name, Ryan?

      1. I’m just saying maybe he should have chosen a stage name so not everyone would confuse him with Bryan Adams. Here’s a suggestion: David Adams.

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